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    In just over a week the next CS:GO Major Championship will get under way! At the opening Challengers Stage (September 5-9), we’ll watch the top two teams from each region (Americas, Asia, CIS, and Europe) battle the bottom eight teams from last Major’s Legends Stage.

    However, next time we will not extend an invitation to every bottom eight team from the Legends Stage. The two teams who finish 0-3 in the London Legends Stage will need to qualify through the Minors for Katowice 2019.

    And so, two teams will make an early exit from the Major Championship circuit. To replace them, two additional teams will qualify from the regional Minors: the third-place teams from each region will take part in a brief playoff, with the top two advancing to the main event.

    (In other words, two regions will send an extra team to Katowice)

    Which teams will live to fight another day and which two will get sent back to the drawing board? Join us in London and find out!