CS:GO Update Release Notes for 5/4/2016

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  1. BOT


    – Fixed possible remote code execution bug in KeyValues parsing. Thanks to xPaw for finding and reporting the issue!
    – Fixed a bug allowing community servers to override certain game files.
    – Added support in vbsp for clip brush textures with different material types.
    – Added CS:GO in-game blog localization for Finnish.
    – Significantly reduced holiday cheer.
    – Added convars cl_weapon_debug_show_accuracy and cl_weapon_debug_show_accuracy_duration
    — With “cl_weapon_debug_show_accuracy 1,” when a shot is fired, a 12 inch circle will be drawn at the Effective Range of the weapon, i.e, the farthest distance at which the shot is guaranteed to fall within a 12 inch circle.
    — With “cl_weapon_debug_show_accuracy 2,” when a shot is fired, a circle will be drawn at the surface that is aimed at showing the area that could have been hit by the bullet given its inaccuracy.
    — cl_weapon_debug_show_accuracy_duration ( default 10 ) determines how long the debug circles last.
    — The further the shot is into the spray sequence, the more red the circle will be.

    – Increased radius of c4 disarm sound
    – Fixed some cases where alt-tabbing away and back to the game would cause incorrect sounds to play

    — Visibility improvements based on color-blind player feedback
    — Texture improvements
    — New vent models
    — Added subtle markers for grenade throws (thanks James Bardolph)
    — Added plant-zone decals to Bombsite B
    — Added graphic for “Sun-room” (thanks Thurnip)
    — Fixed fade distance on crate in checkers
    — Fixed weapons being irretrievable under vent
    — Fixed all known bomb-stuck spots
    — Fixed an exploit involving flashbangs from mid into checkers
    — Fixed pixelwalks at mid, T-Spawn, A main, A site
    — Improved .nav mesh (thanks p_NM)

    — Improved accuracy of grenade clips on metal containers
    — Clip brushes now play the correct material type footstep sound
    — Performance optimizations
    — Removed crate stack from CT side
    — Removed railings outside HUT
    — Removed railings at top of Heaven ladder
    — Lowered ambient soundscape volumes
    — Door opening and closing predictability fixed
    — Improved .nav mesh (thanks Bez)
    — Fixed +use interaction through tool or clip brushes
    — Fixed double doors being blocked by their sibling door being blocked by the player