CS:GO Update Release Notes for 2/23/2016

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  1. BOT


    [ MISC ]
    – Fixed a case where Gemini campaign mission could not get checked off in the campaign journal even when the mission was active for the player at the time of completion.
    – Added engine support for up to 4096 model precache table entries.
    – cl_timeout setting is now capped at 30 seconds.
    – Fixed weapon_fire event for the Medi-Shot having the incorrect “weapon” sent.
    – Added missing tagrenade_detonate event.
    – Fixed missing alphas to resolve un-skinned areas on the following weapons: USP-S | Royal Blue, P90 | Desert Warfare, UMP-45 | Corporal, SCAR-20 | Cyrex
    – Improved vert count on SCAR-20 scope

    [ UI ]
    – Fixed not being able to select the 5th slot when you have a bomb and medi-shot equipped.
    – Fixed not being able to cycle through items in the 5th slot if you had more than 1.
    – Fixed inventory UI hiding when preforming actions on items (like applying stickers) while in the lobby.
    – Fixed lobby displaying incorrect player data when searching solo and using the inventory.
    – Fixed sticker model panel overlapping quit lobby dialog and other dialogs.

    [ GSLT ]
    – User accounts will also receive a temporary cooldown when their Game Server Login Token gets banned.