CS:GO Update Release Notes for 10/28/2016

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  1. BOT


    – In-game friends requests will show no more than 4 friend requests, sorted by Steam profile level.
    – Fixed a case when users could fail to reconnect to a competitive match after restarting their game while experiencing issues logging in to Steam.
    – Max Acceptable Matchmaking Ping setting can now be set as low as 25 ms
    — If there are official servers satisfying your ping setting then official matchmaking will always put you in a match hosted on those servers.
    — If there are no official servers near you satisfying your ping setting then official matchmaking will put you in a match hosted on the next nearest official server, latency to which may exceed your ping setting. In this case, the player will also see the best possible matchmaking ping while searching, along with an indicator if datacenters are offline for maintenance in their region.
    – Long clan tags containing Unicode characters in the end will now correctly truncate without showing a corrupt last character.
    – Sound effects emitted by killed player now correctly spatialize in killer replay.
    – Reduced reverb on weapons and footsteps to fix misleading sound positioning.
    – Fixed the missing graffiti effect for R.I.P.I.P. graffiti when sprayed on horizontal surfaces.
    – Added lag compensation for teammates when playing with “teammates are enemies” game rules.
    – Fixed a vgui bug where an additional character after selection was always copied to clipboard (thanks Justin)