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    Today’s update includes some new sounds, the Gamma Case (featuring community designs and knives with the all-new Gamma finishes), and adjustments to the Prime Account Matchmaking beta.

    In addition, we’re extending Operation Wildfire for one month so you’ve still got time to finish up your missions and upgrade your Challenge Coin!

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    Prime Account Matchmaking Beta

    Over the past few weeks we’ve been running tests in the Prime Account Matchmaking beta and today we’re making a couple of adjustments.

    First, we’re changing the eligibility requirements. In order to qualify for an upgrade to Prime Status you still need a qualifying phone number, but you’ll also need to reach Lieutenant Rank 21. If you were previously upgraded to Prime and have lost that status, all you have to do is continue to play and earn XP.

    If your account has Prime status, you may notice a new option when you queue for a match. You can now choose whether matchmaking will exclusively search for Prime matches, or instead prioritize Prime matches and allow non-Prime matches after queuing for a while.

    Additionally, new CS:GO players will receive an XP boost as they progress through the Recruit and Private ranks, and will gain access to competitive matchmaking sooner, when they reach Private Rank 2.

    Sounds Good

    Today we’re shipping the first in a series of planned updates to sound in CS:GO. The goal of these updates is to improve overall sound quality while addressing feedback about ear fatigue and distortion.

    We’ve started with a few weapons in the Heavy category (specifically the Negev, M249, and Mag7), and will progress through the rest of the arsenal over time. Additionally, the smoke grenade sound has been reworked to ensure that it can be heard separately from other game sounds (e.g., defuse sounds).

    Have a listen, and let us know what you think!
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