CS:GO Update Release Notes for 6/9/2016

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  1. BOT


    – Replaced the penalty for the suicide or disconnection of a player. Instead of the elimination of round-end income, a living enemy player now receives compensation equal to the missed kill reward opportunity.
    – On Valve official servers, the current map will be excluded from the vote options at the end of a match.
    – Modified behavior of mp_endmatch_votenextmap_keepcurrent (default 1). When set to 0, the current map will be excluded from the end of match map vote panel.
    – Full player hitboxes are now used by “cl_weapon_debug_show_accuracy 2” so that the circle appears closer to the target in 3D space.
    – Fixed coin journal not being accessible from inventory UI.

    – Made it so “Fullscreen” sets an exclusive fullscreen mode and “Windowed Fullscreen” sets a non-exclusive fullscreen mode. Exclusive fullscreen mode allows for potentially higher performance while making switching back to the desktop slower.

    – Added the concommand spec_player_by_accountid that switches observer target to the player with SteamID64 passed as argument.
    – Added the convar spec_lock_to_accountid which, when set, will lock the observer target to the specified SteamID64 player. The lock can be set regardless of whether or not the player is currently connected.


    -Added stairs up to B site platform, giving CTs additional options for defending the site
    -Updated trees with more accurate collision model
    -Fixed rendering error on wall hole model used near bombsite A
    -Fixed various bugs (Thanks csgobugtracker.com contributors!)
    -Improved visibility from underpass to A site

    -Fixed pixelwalk in CT spawn
    -Fixed some small seethrough gaps in bombsite A
    -Fixed small seethrough gap from Short to Mid
    -Fixed grenadecollision on van in bombsite B
    -Van now plays proper surface sounds when walking on it
    -Stairs in palace and B apartments will now play correct surface sounds
    -Fixed potential rendering error on wall hole model used in CT sniper position
    -Fixed various bugs (Thanks csgobugtracker.com contributors!)

    -Minor bug fixes

    – Added ladder to bombsite B target
    – Top of bombsite B target now opaque
    – Added short crate stack to CT outside
    – Misc clip fixes
    – Improved vcollide on plastic bins
    – Fixed spot at CT spawn where weapons could be lost

    Collision model update:
    -Added more accurate collision model for bombsite models used in Mirage, Inferno, Cache.
    -Added more accurate collision model for barrels used in Overpass B site.